Sports Venues on Campus Going Up Now

As you may have noticed, there has been an immense increase in workers onsite and activities occurring over the last couple of weeks. In the first week of the month, the crews were onsite preparing the running track for the installation of new synthetic surfacing. Along with this, workers have started installing the below grade utilities, the field drainage system, and have started digging the footings for the foundation of the new buildings. Starting the week of June 10, the concrete crew started pouring the concrete footings to establish the foundation of the new Visitors and Home Side Restrooms and the new Snack Bar and Concessions Stand.

With the foundation in place, the buildings can now go vertical. Starting last week, the masons will be out to start stacking blocks and constructing the structure of the buildings. This will allow the other trades to join in on the construction and start their portions of the work. Outside of the building footprints, the new walkways and handicap parking will get started towards the end of the month as well as the cooling system for the synthetic field.

So far, the construction has got off to a great start! June has been an exciting month so far and it will only get better once the buildings and field start taking shape. Soon enough, the Centaurs will be back out on the field going long for the touchdown pass!

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