Free Lunch Program Kicks Off at La Ballona

With more than 50 children getting lunch on Monday, June 24, CCUSD’s first summer lunch program is up and running.
Julie Garcia, the Food Services Director for the district, was there to oversee and encourage. “We don’t know how many families who need the service have heard about it yet,” she offered while moving a few milk cartons and check stock on apples “but we planned for 75 lunches today.”

Dave LaRose, the district superintendent and and Kevin Kronfeld, the coordinator of state and federal programs, were both out front to greet families coming in, and Executive Assistant LeShon Conroy coordinated activities for the children outside on the schoolyard. El Rincon Principal Reggie Brunson modestly donned a pair of gloves in the kitchen and was set to serve lunch to for the children.

Food must be eaten on the premises, and any children under 18 are welcome to eat. There are not forms to fill out, and no ID required, making it as easy as possible to get the resources to the families that need them.
“We have such a great, supportive community,” exclaimed Heather Moses, La Ballona parent volunteer while perusing the playground as the Fire Department came by to show the kids their hook and ladder truck and talk about safety.

Getting the school cleared and closed by 1pm was the only goal left to meet, and volunteer Andy Alexander coordinated efforts for other adults who were on hand to help out.

LaRose estimated 51 for the final total on Monday. “We hope that everyone who knows kids who need lunch knows that this program is her for them. ” La Rose gave a ‘thumbs up’ to the kids who waved and called out their thanks as they left for the day.

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