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You may think you have eaten a danish pastry, but you have not had a Danish pastry until you have been to Copenhagen Pastry. It’s a whole other level of eating, and once you try one, you will never be happy with mere danish again.
For me, it began with ‘Coffee Bread” one of the unusual baked goods on offer at Copenhagen Pastry; I had no idea what I was about to get into. Anything associated with coffee is something I’m going to enjoy, but this was a great surprise. A small biscotti shaped bottom layer of dough is topped with an almond paste too light to be marzipan, but sweet enough to qualify as candy. I was not expecting the almond-sugar and the flavor was like a surprise meeting with a treasured friend. The combination of the two layers makes for a great bite that is ideal with – of course – a cup of coffee.

It’s a wonderful way to learn some new language. Kringle can be bought as individual pasties or as a coffee-cake style of ring. A spandauer is what most Americans think of as “danish,” a buttery circle of dough with a filling in the middle. There are always several kinds available, but my girls don’t ever seem to venture past the chocolate. The filling is a bit on the the liquid side, or perhaps that’s just from being clutched by warm, eager hands.  I’m more of a cheese danish type, and Copenhagen hits a nice note with a filling that is toothsome but not overly sweet, a soft texture with a rich bottom note.

A s for the pastry, it’s wonderful. Using a yeast dough, proper Danish pastries are rolled out thinly, coated with butter, and then folded into numerous layers. Most dough is chilled to ease handling, and the bakers here have such a light touch, I’m betting there are marble tables in the kitchen where the rolling, buttering, folding, and chilling is done to create a dough which is beautifully buttery, flaky and fabulous.

Only two things to be aware of before you set out, particularly if you are eating with children. First, there are no tables, this is a take-out only bakery. Food can be happily consumed while standing on the sidewalk on Washington, but only if you are not holding you coffee in the other hand. Secondly, there is no hot chocolate on the menu, so if you are not into coffee or tea (or to be truly European, Orangina,) you will need to take your bakery box home with you and and eat it entre nous.

If you are getting goods for the kitchen, don’t miss the rye bread. It’s a flavorful as a loaf can be, and will even keep for several days so you have time to get some herring and Aquavit to go with it.The rye bread is so good, you can buy it online and they will ship it anywhere in the country  (Go to

This Sunday, June 23, Copenhagen will be inviting everyone to celebrate their first Culver City year with a party in the parking lot, beginning at 10 am.

11113 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232


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