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For the second time in three years, residents of McDonald and Woolford streets woke up to flooding. Water was still rising at 7 am, Public Works was already on the scene with the CC Fire Department; Golden State Water is said to be on the way.

With water almost four feet and still rising, residents have been hurried to pull cars out of the flood and help their neighbors.
(see video IMG_0272)


At 7:24 am the water was shut off, and the water levels began to decrease, just in time to keep the flood from overwhelming some front lawns and front porches.

CCFD opened a pump to divert the water out to Ballona Creek, and the street should begin to clear within the hour.

Second Update –

At 7:49 with water beginning to recede, Crossroads was able to wade over to Sawtelle and get a statement form Fire Department Captain Syversen ( see video IMG_0279)

According to Syversen, three breaks were pouring water to the street. Public Works is also busy getting the water cleared from the intersection.

Residents are flabbergasted. “This just happened a few years ago,” offered Raul Pando, “it’s crazy that it’s happened again.”

Dan Nannini, one of  the people who went out knocking on doors to wake the neighborhood at 5:45 this morning, noted that it was the third flood for this end of McDonald. “More than ten years ago – I think it was 98 or 99 – we had a huge flood, and we learned. Just got to get these cars off the street before the engines get wet and they can’t be moved.”
Third Update – As of 3:45 pm, Golden State Water still did not have an estimate as to when service would be restored.Homes on Woolford, McDonald and and parts of Orville are without water indefinitely.

Fourth Update – At 5:20 pm water was back on, with crews still working in the neighborhood.


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  1. Lucky we have a reporter on the scene!! Also, thanks to Dan three of our four cars made it. Sadly one of them is totally flooded. My question: since we called this in at 5;30am and they shut off the homes water at 6am, why did it take until almost 8am for them to shut down the broken pipe that was shooting the water out? The water doubled in that time. I was thinking it was because it was a big job but when they finally shut it down it took 5 minutes and one of the tools that homeowners use to shut sprinklers (only bigger). Culver City usually does a much better job!!

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