CTAP Gives Voice Awards to Girls Who Can Shoot

A team of 10th-grade students under the direction of physical education teacher Valerie Y. Yokogawa, and assisted by Mary Van Loo, Technology Technician, were recognized recently at the 2013 Digital Voice Awards for their student-created video project. “How to Shoot a Basketball.”

This video was honored for incorporating the Physical Education curriculum with Physics, related to biomechanics.

The California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP) Region 11 and Multimedia Services of the Instructional Technology Outreach Division at the Los Angeles County Off ice of Education (LACOE) invited K-12 school educators from throughout Los Angeles County to submit exemplary classroom instructional technology projects to the Digital Voice Awards. Entries were judged and honorees were recognized at an awards ceremony held online on May 16.

Congratulations to all the smart techie women for this well-deserved honor: Jessica Kim, Lindsay Tanita, Katherine Lin, Shannon Morl, Marie Baroudi, Mary Van Loo and Valerie Y. Yokogawa.

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