The Joy of Birthday Feng Shui – Janet Mitsui Brown

My birthday is this week. Based on the Chinese horoscope I am a Boar, and this year is supposed to be challenging. So, at the beginning of the Chinese New Year in January, I did a special cure to help me deal with the obstacles…

And as the year progresses I’m finding all kinds of impediments – nothing serious – and eventually everything works out — but I’m thankful I’ve done the new year cure because it’s enabled me to handle these … well I call them annoyances – things that slow the pace, of reaching my true goals.

A friend of mind went to Llasa, Tibet, and gave me a bracelet gift from the Jokhang Temple, the holiest site in Tibetan Buddhism. I wear it everyday as a token of friendship and protection. I also wear a necklace and bracelet my daughter gave me, which has the words “om” on them. “Om” is a mystical sacred symbol from the Buddhist and Hindu traditions. It is often placed at the beginning and end of a prayer or mantra incantation, and I wear these for protection also – it’s my daughter sending me her blessings.

I feel these cures – and amulets — are an important part of my feng shui teachings, because they are all a part of the Qi (the energy) that surrounds me.

When my feng shui qi energy is positive, I feel great. I feel productive and empowered.

In the feng shui compass school tradition, there is a number calculation based on one’s birth date that can tell you what your element is. There are five basic elements of nature in varying combinations that create a balanced environment. Based onthis tradition, I am a metal element, which means personally, earth elements – flowers, plants, earth-based products are good for me. I love flowers and plants, and so for my birthday my husband and I will make a visit to our favorite nursery in San Gabriel and buy a load of earth items. I can smell the lilacs and the freesias right now, and it makes me feel better.

As you can see, I’m continuously working on the Qi surrounding me.

This includes good feng shui, plenty of wood because its spring, and enjoying the vibrant colors of green and purple for success and wealth.

In gratitude, Janet Mitsui Brown,

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