Dear Editor – Fire Station Coming Up for Fire Sale ?

Just wanted to remind you that March 26, this Tuesday, the City Council will determine what the parameters will be for selling the property where the Fire Station was located on Segrell Way. I have heard rumors that developers are trying to convince the council that they should allow “spot zoning” changes to be made to that property so that the developer(s) can divide the property into 4-5 lots and put multi family units on the lots. If you want to see the integrity of our neighborhood retained, and our zoning protected so that only single family residences are built on this property( which was supposed to revert to 3 single family home lots), please either attend this meeting, send your comments to kriss.casanova, submit your comments in writing to be read at the 3/26/13 meeting or contact your City council members and let them know your thoughts.

Go to: to obtain each council members e mail or phone number. Hope to see you there!

The Actors' Gang

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