Earthwatch Science Fellowships Watching for Local Students

Earthwatch volunteers trek the Andes in Peru

Jessica Perez, a junior at Culver City High School, traveled to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming last summer on an Earthwatch Fellowship. Jessica was part of a research team of students and scientists that studied four different species of song birds. The research looked for a relationship between vegetation density and nesting success.

The research team before Jessica’s located and marked nesting sites of these birds and Jessica’s team returned to the sites to see look for evidence of successful fledging of the babies.

Earthwatch, a nonprofit organization that supports scientific research in many different areas of study, wants to get more high school students interested in science. It is partnering with 20 high schools in Los Angeles County to send 50 students on research expeditions next summer. Culver City High School is lucky to be one of the 20 schools chosen to participate.

The Science department at Culver City High School has a long and rich history with Earthwatch. At least five current or retired members of the department have been awarded Earthwatch Fellowships. Research projects these teachers participated in include studying Red-Crowned cranes in China, echidnas in Australia, caterpillars in Ecuador, an archeological dig for the First Americans in Montana, and Roman ruins in England.

Earthwatch is currently seeking applications from students to participate in the next Earthwatch Fellowship. This year, 50 students from Los Angeles will be selected and placed in teams with seven to nine other students. In the spring, they will participate in an orientation session with all of the students selected for the program and fly from LAX with their team to a rendezvous location. Right now, Earthwatch is planning to send students to projects in Belize, Nova Scotia, New Mexico, Nevada, Bahamas and Wyoming.

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Student applications must be completed by December 10, 2012.

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