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The forces of nature and the world have kept me busy. First there was Hurricane Sandy blowing into the East coast, and then there were the elections. I was intensely involved with both since my daughter lives in NYC and I felt our life would drastically change if Mitt Romney was elected. Then, living in Los Angeles, we had to deal with the mercurial world of the Lakers (the firing of Mike Brown, the hiring of D’Antoni – astounding to basketball fans). These iconic events made me realize how powerful the year of the dragon is. The yang of summer transformed to the yin of autumn, and it’s a powerful transition journeying through the final months of 2012.

So how did you fare? How did I fare? I went with the flow, took the curves, and decided to ride out the storms.

I am so fortunate so lucky – my daughter was fine (she temporarily relocated to a home of friends where there was power and water). Obama won! … I was finally able to watch our beloved Lakers on DirecTV — and best of all, surprise surprise! UCLA beat USC in football…

But the real winners are the people who balance yin and yang – the t’ai chi of life, with courage and a sense of humor. I like what a writer named “Tom” said online, in a special article regarding the post-election, “…the victors should not celebrate too loudly. The losers should not whine too much. “ There should be a t’ai chi balance.

I find protection with tourmaline crystals, the 2012 rooster, and ganesha, the powerful Hindu elephant god. The year is not over – let’s give thanks and help to those less fortunate. My daughter wrote of many places in NYC that can use help –

All in NYC, but you can certainly make inquiries online: City Harvest, Rockaway Relief, and Red Hook Initiative.

Let us count our blessings and share whatever we have as we look to celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s an important triage of feng shui – hard work, a balanced environment, and good karma.

In gratitude, Janet Mitsui Brown, www.thejoyoffengshui.com

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