El Rincon Takes on “Trash Free Lunch”

As part of a joint program with Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County and the nonprofit organization Grades of Green, Culver City’s El Rincon Elementary School has been selected alongside 15 other L.A. County schools to take part in the trash free lunch challenge.

The competition, which began on November 7, calls upon the schools to reduce their lunchtime trash by 70 percent by teaching the kids various eco-friendly methods including using reusable lunch containers and water bottles as well as cloth napkins.

Those who buy lunch will learn to sort waste into recycling and composting. Schools that participated in last year’s competition reduced their trash by 70 percent on average and diverted more than 10,000 bags of refuse from landfills, all while saving thousands of dollars in bag liner expenses and waste hauler fees, according to an official release.

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