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Please sign-on to save the Office of Community Planning and to ensure implementation of Complete Streets by Monday, October 15 at 5 PM PT.

Complete Streets is now the guiding principle for the State’s transportation infrastructure system to integrate active transportation, including public transit, walking, bicycling and ADA access, in the public right of way. The Office of Community Planning (housed within the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency’s Department of Transportation, Division of Planning and Modal Programs, Department of Transportation Planning) has been playing a vital role in realigning the Department of Transportation’s (Caltrans) policies, design guidance, and priorities toward a more multi-modal transportation system.

Not recognizing what a monumental and time-consuming undertaking this task is, the State’s current audit of departments has singled out the Office of Community Planning as non-essential-claiming that the Office should have completed the Complete Streets Implementation Plan by now. We need to collectively stand up for the Office of Community Planning now! The State needs to understand that the Office has been doing a tremendous job moving Complete Streets forward without any additional resources or staff members.

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