Indiecade is coming ! Downtown CC this Weekend !

Alright gamers; get your sight right, get you mind fine and get your fingers ready – it’s time for Indiecade ! Held at the indoor/outdoor IndieCade Village, on the corner of Main Street and Culver Blvd. downtown the event includes workshops, keynotes, family-focused activities, hands-on gameplay, and social events.

At the heart of the festival is the Gamewalk, an exhibition of 40 finalist games selected for their creativity, unique vision, and technological innovation. Then, there’s the Big Games program which promotes games of all kinds, many involving physical activity. Night Games is an evening multiplayer event with giant screens, players jousting with glowing wands, and game-related performance art. Last year, there was the IndieCade GameSlam, where developers got on stage to showcase their game and their idea much like a poetry slam.

Indiecade Festival first originated as part of E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), which then spun off as its own event in Bellevue, Washington. In 2009, it moved to Culver City. Open to the public, Indiecade Festival is considered the only stand-alone festival for independent games in the United States. One might say it’s the other end of the spectrum of E3.

“Indie games tend to be more personal,” said game developer Terry Cavanagh (2011 finalist for the collaborative maze game At A Distance), “Every small detail in a game gives you a sense of the person who made it, and that’s just something you don’t get in a game that’s made by a big group of people.”

Festival ticket prices are $15 online, $20 at the door. Prices vary for special conferences and award ceremony. For more info go to

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