Who Wants to Grow Up to Be a Leader ? Girl Scout Information Day !

There’s a lot more going on here than cookies. When you sign up to be a girl scout you learn life skills, make friends, and start your plan to change the world ! Come and join the fun on Sunday, October 7 1pm – 4pm at Farragut Elementary School 10820 Farragut Drive, Culver City, CA 90230.

Discover all the ways to be a Girl Scout. Connect with the Culver City Girl Scout Community, and sign up for a lifetime of connection, co-operation and success.

Take Action by joining our growing Community.

Parents/Guardians will learn about the benefits of becoming a Girl Scout and
how it affects our community.

Your girls will meet some of our Girl Scouts and participate in girl led crafts
and songs.

Parents this is your chance to have fun while watching your girls grow with
confidence and independence by volunteering or becoming a leader.

Training is free and easy.
Support is community and council wide.
And the REWARDS are never ending!!!!

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