LWV Meeting Looks at the Ballot – Sept. 18

If you live in Culver City, you’ll find FIFTEEN propositions on your November 6 ballot. That’s ONE for the City of Culver City (Measure ‘Y’), THREE for L.A. County (Measures ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘J’), and ELEVEN for the State of California (Props 30-40). They’re all ‘yes/no’ questions, but that doesn’t mean they’re simple.

The League of Women Voters is committed to helping voters make informed decisions on ballot measures, While it does not support or oppose candidates for any office, the League may take positions on ballot measures IF the propositions deal with issues on which the League has reached consensus through grassroots study. In line with these positions, the League may support, oppose, remain neutral, or take NO position on any given ballot measure.

This month, we’re spreading the word about LWV California’s recommendation on the eleven statewide ballot measures. Come to the Community Room of Culver City Julian Dixon Public Library at noon on Tuesday, September 18 to hear guest speaker IdaMae Windham lay it all on the line. Members will gather at 11:30 for brown-bag lunches, sociability, and a bit of business. We’ll be done by 1:30, but nobody will be insulted by your early departure.

More info: 310 397 4970 or on line at smartvoter.org/ca/la

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