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How’s Your Underwear?

Today I want to write about a condition that affects both women and men. It is about what is lying in your drawer right now. You know the drawer which I’m referring to. It is the drawer with those old, worn-out undergarments…your underwear.

Why do we struggle with our on-going plight of ratty undergarments? What is it about those well worn items we hold on to for far too long? Yes men, you are affected as well. Think about how many pairs of underwear you have with the elastic stretched out or with fraying hems at the bottom of your shorts?

Women, why do we keep old bras that only pretend to hold anything up? Do you know that with every 10 pounds we gain or lose we’re supposed to re-fit the girls?

I have spent many an hour thinking about our plight. I’ve come up with several reasons:
It feels like a waste to spend money on something no one is going to see anyway
Old things seem more comfortable
We’re embarrassed, so we just keep denying our condition
We haven’t given the time to really examine our condition

I would like to encourage you to take some time this week and get rid of anything with holes-including socks, stains, or worn out elastic, underwires or hooks. Yes, I’ve know women who actually still wear an underwire that pokes out at them. Some kind of penance process I guess?

Women, I also want to encourage you to get “fitted” for the right bra. Oprah did a show about this and found that 8 out of 10 women were wearing the wrong size. After that show, I headed to Nordstrom and asked the lady in hushed tones, “Are you a bra-whisperer?” She said, “Am I what?” I repeated the question and added, “I need a bra-whisperer.” And she replied, “Well, yes, I guess I am. No one has ever called me that before!” And here’s the amazing part…when I tried on the garments, I still didn’t know which really fit me correctly, until she explained what I was looking for in the fit. And the best part? I looked 10 pounds thinner with the girls in the right position.

Sorry guys, I don’t think your underwear makes you look 10 pounds thinner, but it does a lot of good for your partner to see you looking “put together” so to speak!

Another challenge I see is that we’re inundated with Victoria Secret models who tell us what to look like in our underwear, which isn’t normal for most of us. So we sort of give up on ourselves because the ideal is so out of reach. That’s why I loved the old Dove commercials with bigger woman of all shapes and sizes. Let’s work with the curves we got and be grateful we got em! There are many, many kinds of underwear so shop where you can find something to make you feel fabulous. Ask your friends where they shop. Years ago, I found a great lingerie store referred by a friend.

Because “no one is going to see me anyway…” is a lame excuse. Because YOU SEE YOU, and isn’t that worth something? So in this case, “Act As If” you are going to see someone. Perhaps if you walk with expectation, something else could change? You’ll never know unless you put it out there, so to speak.

Lastly, I’ve struggled with undergarments because of feelings of vulnerability when I feel sexy. That’s a tough one. And while I’m still pretty conservative, at least I can find some fun undergarments that work with my body. It’s just like finding pants that fit…you have to be patient to find the right fit for your body. And there is a right fit.

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