Fiesta Fun – Get Ready for the Ice Cream Eating Contest

Fiesta La Ballona is a giant family fun zone, but one area of Veterans Park will especially be targeted for families of all types at the “Contests in the Park” attraction at the Disney Radio stage near the petting zoo, pony rides, carnival and Cycle City.
Culver City service clubs, schools, city agencies, elected officials and local youth will compete in relay contests, 1:30 p.m., Saturday and Sunday. The Culver City Fire Dept. bucket brigade relay race to Save the Culver City Council and school officials follows at 2:30 p.m. Disney actors, Culver City Recreation Leaders, the local YMCA and Board of Education member Laura Chardiet will conduct the contests and cheerlead.
“Teams will be chest bumping and raising havoc in the games we have planned for them,” said Chardiet, who has lined up judges and commentators for the relays and bucket brigade.
Board of Education member Kathy Paspalis and former President of the Board of Education Scott Zeidman will provide expert analysis at the Disney Radio dais.
At other venues in the park, families navigate the yellow brick road on an obstacle course and power down ice cream in the food tent. Participants start on the walkway spiral leading to the playground area, ascend the twister stair, scale the climbing wall, hang on the rings, slide down the fireman pole, crawl through a rescue tube and bang the bell at the finish of the Wizard of Oz obstacle course.
Essential Chocolate Ice Cream Eating Contest will be conducted, 4:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, in the food dining tent.
Fiesta La Ballona ( is held August 24-26 at Veterans Park, 4117 Overland Ave. Culver City.

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