Didi Hirsch Marks 70 Years of Mental Health

Dr. Kita Curry of Didi Hirsch
Dr. Kita Curry of Didi Hirsch

It might be easy to think that things have never been so bad, with the economic challenges and environmental crises all around us, but 70 years ago, people felt the same way. With the Great Depression and world war in the headlines, Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health was founded to help people cope with the challenges. An official commendation from Culver City Council started off the meeting on June 11, with both Dr. Kita Curry, the CEO and long time leader of Didi Hirsch, and Executive Vice President Carlos Garcia on hand to receive it.

Dr. Kita Curry thanked the council, noting that Didi Hirsch  had two locations in Culver City and one on right on the Culver- Los Angeles border, so out of their 11 sites and 60 schools, Culver City was one of their busiest places.

“Calls to the Suicide Prevention Hotline have more than doubled in the past three years,” noted Dr. Curry, “and with so many people having employment issues that effect their health coverage, community resources are very much needed right now. ”

Dr. Curry was also pleased to offer that she has been “a Culver City resident for 25 years, so when I say we are serving our community, I know that we are serving my community.”

In addition to the 24 hour suicide hotline, Didi Hirsch also offers crisis counseling and support groups. For more info- didihirsch.org

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