Feng Shui and Balance – Janet Mitsui Brown

Very simply feng shui balances one’s life – and with this balance comes mindful precision & intelligibility – perhaps acceptance of destiny, the effects of good karma, improved luck, and serendipity – good fortune.

But what does really mean? Feng Shui’s roots are in the I Ching, the book of changes, the guide to life’s turning points that has survived and educated for thousands of years. The perspective is that life is yin and yang, dark and light, negative and positive, and it’s the polarity we’re interested in.

So if you practice good feng shui – if you follow the balance of elements according to the bagua, you gain the clarity and wisdom to see beyond winning and losing.

Recently our Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated in thesecond round of the basketball playoffs. This is the second year this has happened, and we have to accept theteam is not the best this year, and they lost. Now what is good feng shui about losing?

When my husband returned from his movie shoot we noticed the “check engine” light was on, so we took it to our neighborhood mechanic — he had the car lifted in his garage – and in the process noticed our tires were deteriorating, meaning we had to replace the tires for a nice unexpected extravagant sum (yikes).

Our daughter is to fly in from NYC to spend memorial day weekend with us…a precious 3.5 days – and her plane is delayed for over 4 hours, taking up our time together (real bummer).

All of these things create a dark illusion & irritation – losing a basketball game, paying unexpected sums of money, losing precious time…and yet, life isn’t always about winning all the time, having an auto that works forever, and flying flawlessly to a destination. So feng shui gives you the perspective that life is yin and yang – and that it is all about balance. The small circle black yang in the bigger white yin circle means you have to prepare for the winter, and the small circle white yang in the bigger black yin circle signifies hope. It’s all about the equilibrium between yin and yang.

Practice feng shui and enjoy the moment.

In gratitude, Janet Mitsui Brown, www.thejoyoffengshui.com

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