La Ballona Takes to the Street with the Green Club Clean-Up

Coach Mendoza with the "Green Club"

It was a successful haul of trash on Friday May 25 by the La Ballona Green Club Neighborhood Clean Up Project. Two and a half very large bags of trash from 6 blocks of neighborhood streets. Twenty-eight 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders left La Ballona at noon donning safety jackets and plastic gloves, accompanied by two teachers and two parent volunteers. They broke into two teams working opposite sides of the street, in a mini contest as to which could collect the most trash. Happily, it was a tie!

Why are La Ballona students set on cleaning up Culver City ?

The Student Council at La Ballona Elementary School launched the Green Club in the spring of 2011.  The students wanted to bring attention to environmental issues and help make our school a cleaner and nicer place to be.  Their efforts have increased and now they are extending their focus to making the neighborhood surrounding the school a cleaner space by going out at lunch time and doing recycling trash.

According to La Ballona Principal Christine S. Collins, “When students join the La Ballona Green Club they receive a card that states:  “As an official member in good standing of the La Ballona Green Club, this member promises to do his or her best in taking care of the environment, not only in school, but at home, in the community, and everywhere else in the world.”  I am very proud of good citizens of La Ballona Elementary School who are subscribing themselves to helping our environment.”

After their Thursday trash sweep, they arrived at  Tellefson Park ,an  Papa John’s pizza was waiting. It definitely was perfect, but the 28 hungry hard-working trash collectors made quick work of it all.

Overheard among the many comments and questions from the children, like, “Why don’t people just put the trash in a can?”

“Too bad people can’t take care of their streets, and not throw away their trash there.”

“I hope the streets stay clean after we pick the trash”

“This is my street, and I want it to be pretty all the time!”

“I think people should get a big ticket for littering, or even go to jail!”

The Green Club then cleaned up the park and the way back to school along Washington Blvd.

La Ballona will be taking a smaller group of 5th graders in two weeks to the Culver Center area, so be on the look out for the Green Club – and make them proud of you; use the trash can.

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