AVPA Dancers and Heidi Duckler Dance Theater – Laundromatinee

Dancers flying on top of dryers? Join Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre and Culver City High School’s Academy of Visual and Performing Arts on May 10th for a double feature of Laundromatinee and Cappuccino Nights! A National Endowment for the Arts’ American Masterpiece, Laundromatinee first delighting viewers, critics, and washday customers at Thriftiwash Laundromat in 1988 in Santa Monica. Laundromatinee is an honest, challenging work of art that springs directly from contemporary life. Celebrating the role of the laundromat as a gathering place and mourning the loss of this community fixture in the age of increasingly nuclear households, Laundromatinee takes the audience on a comical and tender tour of modern life.
Paired with the classic laundromat performance, Culver City High School students will create their own site-specific work under the direction of Heidi Duckler in the neighboring coffee shop, The Rumor Mill. Free to the public, the audience will enjoy both the artistic excellence of Duckler and the creative juices of some of Los Angeles’ most creative youth!

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