Dear Editor – New Neighbor is Big Fan

Dear Editor,

I am writing today in support of Meghan Sahli-Wells for Culver City City Council.

I am a newcomer to Culver City. I moved here only in July, but it was love at first sight. I live in a great neighborhood—near downtown, within a few minutes walk from shopping, theatres, cinema, restaurants, and the Tuesday Farmers Market. I can bike a block to the Ballona Creek bike path, or walk to our hilltop park with its amazing ocean and mountain views.

But what makes my neighborhood truly special is the way neighbors welcomed me, telling me about all the things listed above, about the free summer concerts at City Hall, free plays for kids in the park, and inviting me to the neighborhood block party.

Chief among these neighbors was Meghan Sahli-Wells. I met her at the block party. Everyone seemed to know her, and she knew them. She had worked with all of them, it seemed, on school issues, bike events, sustainability projects, and development issues. I had moved from a small town where I was involved with many of these issues, and I was eager to help, but wondering whether, as a newcomer, I would be welcome—until I talked to Meghan.

I joined the Downtown Neighborhood Association, and attended their informational meetings about Parcel B, I went to City Council meetings. Both places, Meghan was there. On Coastal Clean Up Day, Meghan was in charge of our neighborhood’s stretch of Ballona Creek; I was a crew volunteer. I saw her biking in the neighborhood, and since I live near Linwood Howe, I saw her at school events.

When she announced she was running for City Council, I volunteered. Since then I have met accomplished and dedicated people endorsing her candidacy, and learned from them the many ways Meghan has already served Culver City. Walking with her as she campaigns in neighborhoods, I have been impressed with her ability to talk to people on a wide variety of issues that trouble and worry them. From school issues to tree-trimming, from downtown development to fracking—she is informed and respectful. I have seen her time and again, without downplaying concerns or making easy, empty promises, open a dialogue that invites others to share in creating this community we all value–longtime residents and newcomers alike!


Carolyn Allport

The Actors' Gang

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