Malsin Offers Solutions

“When I am elected to City Council, I will use the experience I gained during my five years on the Planning Commission and six years on the City Council to implement substantial policy changes that address the big picture and set us on a path to long-term financial sustainability,” says Scott Malsin. “I think Culver City deserves real solutions to real problems. Don’t you?”

Culver City has experienced its share of challenges during the current economic downturn. Making matters worse, our State government dissolved city Redevelopment Agencies, in essence seizing $4.5 million per year from Culver City and eliminating the engine of our remarkable progress. We’re in a tough spot.

In an election cycle it is common to hear candidates propose “sound bite” solutions, such as “buy local” initiatives, slashing arts programming, consolidating local elections, doing away with expert advisors, and “trimming the fat.” All may be worth discussing, but taken together they would still just scratch the surface of a multimillion dollar challenge.

For instance:
* We can resolve our financial situation and address long-overdue street and sidewalk maintenance issues by implementing a low-cost citywide Infrastructure Improvement District.

* We can ensure that future development fulfills our vision for Culver City through changes to our zoning code, strategic parking management, and an enhanced permitting process.

* We can retain millions of local dollars by requiring that developers of former public property pay into a special fund to cover the cost of services those projects will require.

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