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I often get inquiries regarding feng shui consultations for the home, or office, or property – it’s a pretty amazing experience — something I enjoy doing, and I think the client ends up being surprised and changed by the experience. So what is the process like?

Most people who make inquiries know a little already about feng shui – they’re familiar with it, have done some reading about it, or heard from somewhere that it changes lives. I usually get an inquiry regarding how much I charge, how far I travel, and how long a consultation takes.

I travel anywhere in California, and the United States, and my charge is personal – it’s based on the client, and a consultation usually takes at least 1.5 hours for the initial meeting.

At the first meeting I take a tour of the house – and the house should be the way one live in it because that will tell me what the true energy of the house is. Then I sit down and talk with the client…we talk in depth about the house, why I was called to look at the house, and what the issues are with the house or person. After about an hour we can assess what the real issue is, and once I know the problem (the diagnosis), then we start to find the cure.

I suggest a cure based on feng shui principles from my experience and knowledge, and the application of the cure is explained to the client.

The feng shui principles suggested are based on yin/yang theory (the balance of opposites) and theories of direction, space and time. The feng shui system is important in determining balance in rooms & gardens, and finding the optimal alignment of space for harmony. What follows is pretty organic– a relaxation of mind, body and spirit – an auspicious frame of reference for good health and prosperity.

Have you ever had a feng shui consult? You might try it – I think you will pleasantly amazed by the results.


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  1. Hello,
    I am not sure if you give free advice but I will take my chance.

    I am planning to get a door installed to access the garage from my main entrance. There is a covered concrete pavement, a few steps from the front door to the garage door and when the garage door is installed, it will be directly in front of the front door. Is this bad feng shui? If it is, how do I correct it?

    Thank you in advance for your kind advice.


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