Dear Editor- Ability and Action by Andy Weissman

I first met Andy Weissman when we worked together on the Measure V (City Charter) campaign. I was impressed with his intelligence and grasp of issues but, more importantly, I was taken with his ability to work well with disparate personalities and bring them to consensus. As we’ve seen in both Washington and Sacramento, good ideas are worthless if they can’t be put into action and Andy knows how to garner the support to get the job done.

Andy listens and, in the face of sound, logical opinions that might differ from his, is willing to change his views. However, if he is unconvinced by the arguments, he has the courage of his convictions and moves on them. These are the qualities – intelligence, consideration, flexibility and integrity – that once again make me a supporter of Andy Weissman for City Council.

Linda Shahinian

Culver City

The Actors' Gang

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