Dear Editor- Calling on Council Candidates

Dear Editor –

A number of City Councilmembers and City Council candidates have signed the petition and/or have clearly stated their support for parent-funded services within our schools. Indeed, Mayor Mehaul O’Leary, Councilmembers Jeff Cooper and Andrew Weissman, as well as city council candidate Scott Malsin are all in support. They joined 1,150 (as of 3/9/12) other petition signers who include former council members, school board members, teachers, prominent business people, and parents stating that they advocate that the School District allow parents and others to fundraise, manage, and support positions not funded by the District free of any union restrictions or requirements.

Where do the rest of the City Council candidates stand? Are they willing to sign the petition () or clearly state their position? Why haven’t they done so already? In order of name-recognition: Meghan Sahli-Wells, where do you stand on this issue? Jim Clarke, where do you stand on this issue? Stephen Murray, where do you stand on this issue?

Jamie Wallace

The Actors' Gang


  1. Jamie,
    This very question was submitted to me this morning by a student. We will ask the candidates at the Ask 2 Know Kid Forum on Wednesday, March 14th at 6:45PM I encourage you and all to attend.

  2. I posed this question on another Culver City online news outlet and got a response from Jim Clarke. He responded “I am in full support of their (‘the parents’) desire to help improve the quality of their children’s education through the adjunct program and to maintain it as a parent-controlled program.”

    “I think so highly of the adjunct program that I would like to see a similar program expanded to all of the Culver City schools so that all of our teachers could have access to parent-supported aides in the classroom.”

    So now we know where Mr. Clarke stands. Ms. Sahli-Wells? Mr. Murray?

  3. I did not see Andrew Weissman’s or Jeff Cooper’s names on the petition. There are also duplicate names, people who have not given their last names, people who have signed the petition in other cities, states, and even one signature from Australia. My guess is that the petition, as it stands, is probably not valid.

  4. Answer to parents concerned about my position on adjuncts:

    Please understand that this is not something over which the City Council has any authority. However as a parent, I understand and share your concern about the future of parent-funded adjuncts in our schools, which I hope will be resolved quickly, fairly, and in the best interest of our children.

    As a parent of two Linwood E. Howe students (2nd & 4th grades), I’m an enthusiastic supporter and financial contributor to the adjunct program which has been a great benefit to our kids, our teachers, and our school. I want parent-funded positions in all our schools to continue successfully, and grow. I hope that the District, the Board, the parents and ACE will come to an agreement that will protect these great programs.

    I haven’t signed the petition because it contains some misinformation, such as calling this action a lawsuit, and implying that volunteers will not longer be able to help in classrooms.

    I strongly believe it’s time for the District to step in and clarify the situation – so that everybody can get a clear picture of the facts, including the legal requirements of the District – and the way to finally move forward so we can continue supporting our kids.

    Meghan Sahli-Wells

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