Feng Shui & Joy of Spring- Janet Mitsui Brown

It’s March, and at the end of this week will be daylight savings…and in another month Easter and spring break will arrive. It is spring here in Los Angeles. I can sense winter is still hanging on, as it was chilly yesterday and today (50 degrees is chilly for us). In feng shui the tai chi cycle is turning from water (winter) to wood (spring) and it is a time of renewal, and the beginning of the yang cycle from the yin cycle.

The winter is cooler, has shorter days so it is darker, and it is often a time of reflection because we’re bundling up to keep warm. In life we all experience some form of winter – a yin period where things end, may be dark and bleak. But then, spring dawns, and there is a break in the chill. The days will be longer, and there will be more light.

I am noticing in our garden our trees and plants are opening up for spring also. The most dramatic sign for me is the blooming of the wisteria plant, a beautiful light purple colored flower, a symbol of birth. Our cherry and peach trees are flowering, our orchids have beautiful buds, and our fruit trees are bearing fruit. It is the flowers – the freesias and the daffodils that are so beautiful even our turtles are sunning themselves to catch the scent and the sight of them.

In feng shui, spring is the color green and then purple (the beautiful wood trees and the wisteria). It is the East section of the home or yard, and it signifies family and health. Now doesn’t this all make sense?

So look to your eastern section of your home and look for wood elements, the color green, and enjoy spring, and the renewal it symbolizes. And enjoy each day.

In gratitude, Janet Mitsui Brown, www.thejoyoffengshui.com

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