Malsin Campaign Rolls in Hometown Endorsements

Scott Malsin’s Council candidacy has been endorsed by the Culver City Firefighters Association (CCFFA) for the third time. In making their announcement, the CCFFA remarked on the challenging transition ahead: 25 percent of the workforce has less than 5 years’ experience and and 10-14 members are eligible for retirement in the next 2 years. Their press release states: “We are looking for a council who will continue to support our current level of service to the community. [Scott has] the commitment and experience necessary to navigate the city through the very serious economic challenges ahead”.

“There’s no debate about it – Culver City’s firefighters are the best there are,” Malsin said in response to the news. “I am so very proud to have earned their endorsement for the third time. They’re the ones who do the tough work; I’m happy to have been able to support them as best I can as a member of the Council.”

Visit to request a lawn sign to put in front of your house to show you support Scott.

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