Brotman and Blue Cross Reach Agreement

Anthem Blue Cross and Brotman Medical Center  are pleased to announce they have reached an agreement, effective giving Anthem Blue Cross members the ability to receive in-network health care services from Brotman.

“We are pleased to have Brotman Medical Center as part of our extensive provider network again,” said Pam Kehaly, Anthem Blue Cross president. “This agreement expands the choices available to Anthem members in Southern California and ensures that they can receive covered services at Brotman Medical Center while taking advantage of their plans’ in-network benefits.”

“This agreement benefits employers and patients throughout the Culver City and West Los Angeles area by enhancing choice and ensures Anthem customers have access to cost-effective, quality healthcare,” said Barbara Schneider, Chief Executive Officer, Brotman Medical Center. “We look forward to welcoming Anthem members and providers.”

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