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Being an adult now, I can relate to my parents blasé attitude towards the holidays. After running here and there, spending money I may or may not actually have, and trying to fit all the commitments, parties and activities into an already jam-packed schedule, I’m beat. Sometimes, I’d just love to sit back and take it all in. I’d like to be as blissful and in the moment as my children are while they just watch it all happen—miraculously—without having to do anything.

The other night, I did just that. I watched as children from all over my neighborhood flocked to Santa’s sleigh as he was escorted by the Culver City police amid flashing lights, blaring announcements and geneal holiday cheer. It was magical to visit with neighbors I hadn’t seen recently, while reflecting on how much I appreciate being part of a community that not ony offers unbeatable community services, but that continues to do these special types of events even in tough economic times.

As I look ahead to 2012, I feel very grateful for the opportunity to work in a field I absolutely love; and one which is also a perfect match for my skills, strengths and values. I’ve realized that my true gratification comes from the opportunity to grow professionally and personally through the connections and relationships I develop with people as I partner with them on their home-purchasing or selling journey. When all is said and done, these are the main components that lead to my true job satisfaction.

Looking back and reflecting on the state of the market, I sometimes wonder “What is my mission? How am I able to make a difference in ways that count?” With approximately a third of all mortgages on the road to foreclosure, an average of 319,000 foreclosure filings per month nationwide, and even more mortgages underwater, I am thankful for my humble shelter, where I can host family and friends this holiday season, and create memories with my children. Simply owning a home and enjoying time in it is such a gift, and one we shouldn’t take for granted.

It’s at these times that I reflect on the joy of helping renters buy their first home with very little difference in their monthly costs, or relive the excitement in the faces of my client’s children when it becomes possible to upgrade to a larger home and they know they’ll each get their own room, or their own backyard to extend their play.

I enjoy watching people I’ve helped, bike or walk to our wonderful local parks and fantastic Culver City schools, and establish roots in the community. I love the pride my clients feel when I make a donation to their favorite school or charity in their name through our Gifts From the Heart Program to celebrate their successful close of escrow.

Being part of great community, getting to know great people like you and providing service to help you meet your home related goals are just a few reasons I’m looking forward to 2012.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours and if there’s anything I can help you with, I’m happy to meet to talk about your particular needs and circumstances. Call or text me at 310-259-7419 or email me at [email protected].

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