Dear Editor- Former Student Raves for Nancy

Dear Editor,

Through my years in both Culver City Middle School and High School I never really felt that any teacher listened or cared about me, until I met Goldberg. Nancy Goldberg understands people; often in a way that even they may not understand themselves. Through her deep connection with human nature and her incredible perceptiveness she is able to easily meet her students mental needs, while unbeknownst to them teaching a mentality for life and oh so much more. The School Board would be blessed to have someone like her in their midst. Someone who knows what needs to be improved and how to understand, manage, and fix any challenge that comes her way. Just from a simple conversation with this magnificent woman, the Board would grow in every direction. I consider my two years in her classroom an invaluable gift, I can only hope those who come in contact with her see what she has to offer and absorb as much as they can.

Pretty please do whatever you can to support this inspiring woman, this is an opportunity you do not want to miss!

Jesse Pilchen

The Actors' Gang

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