Chardiet Gets Price and Davis Endorsements

State Senator Curren Price and former CCUSD Board of Education member Saundra Davis have announced their enthusiastic support for school board candidate Laura Chardiet.

“One cannot help be impressed with Laura Chardiet’s long standing commitment to our children and public education,” said Senator Price. “Her successful implementation of the Workforce Investment Act program for LAUSD has improved the lives of many adult students and their families. Her energy, expertise and dedication will be an asset to the Culver City Board of Education.”

Saundra Davis, a former member of the school board who knows what the job demands, spoke of the broad range of proven abilities that Laura Chardiet will bring to the School Board. “Laura Chardiet brings expertise in problem solving,” Davis noted, “Overseeing large budgets as well as stretching smaller budgets even when they just aren’t enough, she strives to make the best of it.”

Davis made it clear that it is the combination of skills and dedication that make Chardiet such an exceptional candidate. “She believes in the power of Public education, which is apparent when you understand that her children attend Culver City Schools. The “C” in Chardiet also stands for Commitment, Collaboration, Community Advocacy in Education, Creativity, Concern and Caring,” Davis declared. “I support Laura Chardiet because she is not afraid to ask questions. She listens and responds, and she dreams of “A Better Education For All” and works hard to make it happen.”

To make the future you want to see, be sure to vote on Tuesday, November 8.

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