Goldberg Campaign Wraps Up

Culver City School Board candidate Nancy Goldberg thanks everyone for their hard work and support during her campaign for election to a seat on the Board. She remarked, “It isn’t over yet but the finish line is in sight and everyone involved has worked so diligently to help me get elected. I want to invite all my supporters and well-wishers to join me while waiting for the votes to be counted after 8:00 p.m. on November 8th. It should be a very exciting evening for all of the candidates and their committees.”

Nancy added, “Every vote counts. A few School Board elections ago two candidates received the exact same number of votes and the winner was decided by the drawing of a white marble from a bag. Since polling places have been changed and consolidated for this election some voters may be unsure of where to vote, or they may need a ride to get to their polling place. They can contact my campaign to get the information and help they need by calling Sandy at 310-838-1130.” For information on the location of the Goldberg Election Night Party call 310-915-0886, go to the candidate’s website, or email [email protected].

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