“Off Book” Offers Video Games – Click Through

 PBS Arts continues its interactive series, ‘Off Book’, with a short film dedicated to the world of video games. Watch it here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0ERL20lr1U

Gaming strikes at the heart of the human condition – competition, and the desire to challenge oneself. The age-old tradition of gaming teaches us strategy, maneuvering, and the importance of making choices. Since the 1980s, video games have satisfied these needs, but in recent years have increasingly incorporated a level of depth that moves far beyond two-dimensional worlds. Today’s video games ask the player not only what the next move is, but to assert him or herself in the context of the choices made. Looking across vintage, mainstream, and independent games, this PBS presentation explores video games as a storytelling medium and shows how gaming activity defines the way we interact with information, and each other.

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