Dear Editor- Nancy Has Fans

Dear Editor,

Mrs. Goldberg is the most qualified candidate to be elected a member of the Culver City School Board; there is no better person for the job. Mrs. Goldberg is warm, empathetic, understanding, a brilliant teacher, a wonderful mentor, and someone who truly relates to the students. She is one of the most youthful people that I know, and she is completely in touch with the needs of the students. There are few people of any age who can have such an impact on people of all ages. Mrs. Goldberg positively influences students and parents in deep and powerful ways. If you have the pleasure to interact with her, you will consider yourself lucky, because she will profoundly impact your life. She is wise, modest, brave, adventurous, loving, and endearing. She is one of the coolest people I have ever met. She has always helped students by making them feel important, feel heard, and by standing beside them in pushing the limits. She is a natural fit to serve on the Culver City School Board, and once elected, I know that she will do meaningful work by simply being herself. She is amazing, she is a gem, and the Culver City School Board will be privileged to gain such a tremendous asset in Mrs. Goldberg.

– Rebecca Nadel, M.B.A.

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