Turning Restrictions for School Traffic

Parents and others visiting the CCUSD Office of Child Development, Culver City Middle School Culver City High School and Farragut Elementary School should be aware that drivers will no longer be allowed to make a left turn into the CCMS/Farragut parking lots from Farragut Avenue. Police will be there with ticket booklets and pens handy, so being aware can help keep the first day of school from being extra-expensive.
In order for drivers to get into the parking lot, they must travel down Elenda Street and enter through the driveway closest to the Middle School (see accompanying photo). Drivers can travel straight through between CCMS and the natatorium to drop off students. They can only exit, however, through the driveway closest to Farragut. When drivers exit, they can only turn right onto Farragut.
We are aware that these new turn restrictions will take some getting used to, but they have been implemented by the city with the cooperation of CCUSD to make the area safer for drivers and pedestrians and to make the student drop-off process more efficient. Thank you, in advance, for paying close attention to these new restrictions.
Also, please be aware that when school starts on September 6, there will be a police presence monitoring traffic.

How about giving yourself an extra 20 minutes, and walking to school ?


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