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CCUSD Pre-Enrollment Information

Pre-enrollment for new students entering Grades K – 12 (Culver City Residents and students with Interdistrict Transfer Permits, approved by the CCUSD Permit Office) will be, by appointment at all CCUSD schools between now and June 30, 2011. Summer enrollment will take place at the District Office, by appointment, between July 25 and August 26, 2011. Enrollment packets must be picked up in advance from each school site.

The following information is required when enrolling your child in kindergarten:

* Completed enrollment packet, including:
* Verification of Parent/Guardian Identity (Photo ID)
* Proof of Culver City residence or approved Interdistrict Transfer Permit with school assignment made by CCUSD
* Proof of birth (birth certificate or passport)
* CHDP Report of Health Examination for School Entry, completed by a physician, for NEW students to California public schools (entering Kindergarten and Grade 1)
* Current immunizations. Please note, there is a New Rule for School. Students entering grades 7-12 will be required to meet the new California State Law (a Tdap booster shot)
* Most recent report card (for students pre-enrolling in Grades 1-12
* Transcript (students pre-enrolling in Grades 10-12)

For information on applying for an Interdistrict Transfer Permit, please see your home district website and/or “Interdistrict Permits” in the CCUSD Pupil Services section.

CCUSD schools each hold tours for parents and community members throughout the year. Below is a list of schools and their scheduled tour dates between now and the end of the school year. For more information or to sign up for a tour, please call the school directly.

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