Katherine Maxwell Witnesses as Students Continue Protests

Click on link below for Streaming Video
Click on link below for Streaming Video

The dismissal of Sheila Silver is the talk of the town. With protests continuing at the high school, at the City Council meeting on Monday, Feb. 14 the actors of AVPA/Blurred Vison received a commendation from the council for the CETA awards given to “The Laramie Project.” Silver spoke briefly to thank the council, and noted that the other directors at the competition were amazed that she had clearance to perform such controversial material with her students. “I told them I had the support of the administration, the school board, the the community…no one tried to talk us out of this project. That says a lot about the community that we have, and how important theater is here.”

Actor Kevin Mitchell took the mike to thank the council for the award, and remind everyone of the ongoing protest. At Culver City High School, picketing is ongoing in protest of the dismissal of the popular drama teacher and AVPA director. Culver City Crossroads has video from award winning film maker Katherine Maxwell. Click on the link below to stream.


The Actors' Gang


  1. Thank you for this! Loved the video as well. I hope it helps the board, the administration, the district, et al to reconsider. After reading the article the interview article of the other day, I can of course see that there were some incidents, but nothing to warrant losing such an amazing teacher.

  2. Crossroads is happy to say we only hire on the best- We plan to carry more of her excellent work in the future.

  3. Beautiful. Teenagers loving a teacher this much is miraculous! I want my children to have Sheila Sivler for a theatre teacher. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for our High School studentsto see the adults work out this situation in a peaceful productive manner? What would our children and teens learn from seeing conflict resolution in action ? How healing and positive this situation could be if the adults concerned could implement the same communication skills that we want our kids to practice. It would show them that the “Anti-Bullying” concept is not just meaningless words, but rather an approach that works in their school, with their teachers.It seems to me that Sheila Silver is being bullied, maligned, and unjustly treated by a system that is out of touch with what matters the most for our students and our community. Imagine the joy and growth that could happen if Sheila Silver could remain at CCHS and a spirit of mutual respect, cooperation, and excellence in art’s education could prevail. I would be proud and impressed with our administrators and their willlingness to demonstate the negotiation skills that make for a healthy, fully functioning community. We could all feel proud. The AVPA students could feel validated, respected, and optimistic about their future at CCHS and in the world. This is the kind of world in which I want to live. This is the way I want all of our children to feel. I am extremely impressed with the AVPA students. How can we just stand by and let this happen to them, and to us as a community? We all must stand together and do what’s right.

  4. Well said! I am in tearful agreement and I’m filled with pride for our students, parents, community, and School Board for today’s confirmation that students MUST come first. The right message has been sent and the students know that they MATTER.

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