The Buggy Whip Serves Lunch by Mary McGrath

Jumbo Shrimp St. Tropez, photo by Mary McGrath
Jumbo Shrimp St. Tropez, photo by Mary McGrath

Hooray! The Buggy Whip is again open for lunch! I’ve enjoyed this vintage place for dinner upon several occasions. Usually I go for their football-sized lobsters, steaks or the infamous Stone Crab Claws, a seasonal delicacy. But lunch too? Count me in.

For those of you who have relegated this “old school” restaurant to special occasions, now you can enjoy their lunchtime menu, along with their new addition of smaller plates, available all day in the bar, that are easier on the wallet and fun to share.

Priced at $4, $5, $7 and $11, there’s enough diversity here to give you a wide berth for sampling. How about a plate of oysters for $5? Yes, it’s true, with the oysters large and meaty, just how I like them.

I’m not a huge carnivore, but I have to say their Spicy Meatballs, priced at $5, were a scrumptious hit, with just enough spice thanks to their zesty chile sauce.

Vegetarians will delight in the Provencale Ratatouille, at $4, that delivered all that it promised. So few places serve this dish, that I couldn’t resist savoring every bite.

I’m also a major fan of beets, and spotting the Roasted Beets with Frizee Salad & Goat Cheese, ($7) mixed with a Balsamic Dressing, kicked my palate into high gear, with a dazzling array of flavor, color and texture.

Their Pizzetta Marguerita was also impressive in size and fairly priced at $5. It could easily suffice as an appetizer for a group, or a full meal by itself.

Clocking in at $11 was their Jumbo Shrimp St. Tropez, drizzled with garlic butter and white wine. Seafood at the Buggy Whip is always a treat, and these shrimp were no exception. They easily put me in the mood for their famous lobster, which I’ll try another time when I come back for dinner in the near future.

For those wanting the full dining experience, enjoy the many items that are available from their regular menu. This place excels at steak, lobster, prime rib and all the standards that are indigenous to a fine steakhouse. In fact, The Buggy Whip was voted as one of the Top Ten Best Steakhouses in 2008, which was not that long ago, particularly when you consider The Buggy Whip has been around for almost 60 years.

Mr. Paul, the Buggy Whip’s second owner, has been successful at a number of other restaurants as well. Remember “Old Virginia” in South Pasadena? Or how about “Chez Paul?” The success of both of these places can be attributed to the continental style of the charming Mr. Paul.

If you’re an early diner, try one of their Twilight Dinners (Sunday through Thursday) from 4-6 p.m. where entrees are priced at a mere $13.95 and include soup or salad. Or come in and enjoy the many fine offerings during their Happy Hour.

But sure to enjoy Peter Wagner at the piano, whose rendition of the standards makes this place known for having one of the best piano bars in town.

For more information:

The Buggy Whip

7420 La Tijera Boulevard

Westchester, CA 90045

(310) 645-7131

The Actors' Gang

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