Culver Chamber Takes Stands on State Propositions

The Culver City Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors urges a “Yes” vote on Propositions 13, 14, 15 and opposes Proposition 16. They have no position on Proposition 17. When asked why the chamber took these positions, Steve Rose offered his thoughts.

According to Rose, “Proposition 13 has little financial impact on local government revenues and it would encourage retrofitting of buildings to earthquake proof them.
Proposition 14, if passed, allows for open primary elections so the voter could vote for the best candidate for the job instead of being limited by political party. Proposition 15 is important to the chamber in that it is our belief that funding of campaigns should be open and not just government funding to allow for an open discussion of issues. We feel that Proposition 16 takes too much power away from local elected officials in fiscal decisions. Finally, we opted not to have a position on Proposition 17, as it is simply an insurance issue and should be decided between the parties involved.”

Does the chamber influence your vote ? Crossroads would love to hear from Culver City voters about their take on the props and why they think it is important to vote. Post a “Comment” or write to us at [email protected]. June is only a month away.

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