Drum Roll Please- Final Ballot Count Starts at 5 P.M.

Ok, you slathering political junkies- (It takes one to know one- I confess ) it’s been days- DAYS! -since we left this cliff hanger, and we’re coming to the conclusion this afternoon at 5 p.m. at the Mike Balkman Council Chambers. The votes-by-mail that arrived on Election Day, and the provisional ballots will all be reckoned into the totals. It will be decided that Meghan Sahli-Wells or Jeff Cooper will be the fifth vote on the council.  Will the lawn sign analysis remain valid? Did more women turn up at the last minutes after picking the kids up from school and forgetting that they were still registered under their maiden names? Will it make a tremendous difference what scent of vanilla we choose? ( Any arguments in regard to Jamaican vanilla vs. Madagascar vanilla can post to Comments- and know that I will bake either one into something unforgettably delicious in a future metaphor-)  Stay tuned…

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