…And the Winner is Still Cooper

Even after adding more than 400 more votes in to the totals, Jeff Cooper was still the winner of the City Council election, with a complete vote total of 2486.
“Thanks to the county for moving so quickly through the signature verification process so that we could get this finished today,” said Martin Cole, the assistant city manager in charge of conducting the election, “no one wanted to hold this out until Monday.”

As the party that had dissembled on Tuesday evening began to re-assemble on Friday afternoon, the slow work of counting, opening and sorting the ballots began. Of the 4622 ballots cast, the 446 that were still to be counted after Tuesday’s results were savored slowly.

According to Martin Cole “This may be a record number of vote-by-mail ballots cast. While I will have to check my statistics, it seems to be significantly higher than 2004 or 2002.” With 24,121 people registered to vote- 7948 votes were tallied on April 13.

It was a long few days for the candidates waiting to be confirmed. As the precincts were added in one by one, the separate counts whispered through the chambers, the final tallies did not change anyone’s status, and Monday will see Jeff Cooper sworn in as the new council member.

The “lawn sign” theory still holds true.

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