Audio Interview- Jeff Cooper Races to the Wire

As the city council campaign comes down to the last few days, candidate Jeff Cooper sat down with Culver City Crossroads at Green Peas for coffee and some questions.

After the earliest campaign kick-off in memory, the Cooper campaign stayed active but low key until last month, when the lawn signs began to sprout in remarkable numbers. From the start, Cooper stayed on message, using his stump speech on every possible occasion until even he felt everyone had heard it. Now that his numbers are a bit more solid, he has opened up and begun to be a bit more spontaneous.

While he has been a on the Parks and Recreation commission and has been active in local government for years, the center of his success seems to be word of mouth. A long time resident, Cooper has been active with a number of organizations (Exchange Club, Senior Center) and has many friends; his friends have friends, and they have friends. when you stop to count noses, it’s a pretty large crowd. It remains to be seen whether or not enough of them will make it to the polls on Tuesday to assure a seat on the council. But in a tight contest, Cooper is leaning well towards the wire.

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