Dear Editor- Not A Fan of Cooper

Dear Editor,
I remember untrue statements made by Mr. Jeff Cooper in a City Council meeting of November 11, 2008. The stating of incorrect facts were an attempt to justify asking the council to not waste its time and money to enforce an agreement, which was set up to protect my neighborhood. Quoting dates that are years off the mark every time he
quoted one is not a good sign for someone who is asking for an opportunity to make decisions, which depend upon correct knowledge. To
anyone who knows the truth in this matter, it is obvious that Mr.
Cooper had no correct knowledge of the facts, but that didn’t stop his
requesting the City to not enforce an agreement, which was entered into
by the City and a business owner, of their own free will. I would hope
that anyone that is elected to our City Council would want all
agreements, that protect our neighborhoods, be enforced or if no
enforcement was to be carried out, that the agreements would not be
made in the first place.

On another occasion Mr. Cooper, in a Council meeting submitted a
written comment asking the City to not spend money to audit the same
business, which signed that same agreement with the City. If Mr. Cooper
had known what the agreement actually stated he should know that the
business would have to pay for any enforcement of the agreement. There
have been at least two major violations of the agreement, by the
business and the activities of the business were deemed a public
nuisance. The agreement, if enforced should require the audit to be
paid by the business owner. This audit would be to make sure violations
that could be criminal in nature were not made and that the agreement
was being abided by.

Mr. Cooper states that Culver City should be more accountable and
transparent and enforce its laws and agreements, I guess he meant if it
didn’t cost any money or if it’s not possibly a neighbor or friend, who
has made an agreement with the City that was set up to protect
someone else’s neighborhood.

Richard Rownak

The Actors' Gang

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