Wednesday August 16th 2017
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Publisher and Editor - Judith Martin-Straw

The Skinny - Amy Brunell

Looking Up - Bob Eklund

Ruth's Truths - Ruth Morris

Special Features - T. S. Owen

LOCALmotion - Jozelle Smith

Get Smart - Jamie Wallace


Parenting Puzzles by Marni Parsons

Parenting Puzzles by Marni Parsons

Every parent has questions. Trying to find that answers that create the best solutions for the whole family can be a challenge. If you have a question about raising children, this is the place to connect with an answer. Q- My toddler is prone to tantrums. The big problem is that when I'm faced with a screaming three year old, I turn into a screaming thirty- three year old. How can I keep my [...]

Just a Thought – Festival of Lights

Just a Thought – Festival of Lights

There isn’t a culture that doesn’t have one. In the deep darkness of winter, the wind grows cold and the sun disappears in mid-afternoon. Our senses crave light as much as they crave warmth. The Hindus celebrate Dwali, Scandinavians celebrate Santa Lucia, and Jews celebrate Hanukkah, pagans celebrate Yule and Christians celebrate Christmas. Perhaps it’s the primal affection for fire as much [...]

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