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Rush Street Toasts the Culver-Palms YMCA

Big burgers and fantastic fries...then you can work it off at the YMCA

There are lots of things Rush Street does right; the great food, the wonderful location, the endlessly inventive cocktails, the best fries on the planet, and the compost-able green take-out containers. On Monday July 16, there was also the celebration of the fourth anniversary, and a fundraiser for the Culver-Palms YMCA.

While the tables were filled with YMCA staff members such as Chad Maender and Brooke Miyamoto, (and everyone’s favorite yoga teacher) many Y families came to support the cause and enjoy the evening, accepting the generous offer that kids could eat for free.

Ken Kaufman, one of the owners of Rush Street (along with his partner, Brian McKeaney) is always the perfect host. “Are you being taken care of ?” was the first thing after hello, and as the answer was yes, followed by a big smile. In his signature white sneakers, Ken is all over the room, checking service and chatting with customers. Even sitting while sitting with his family, his radar never fails, and at any moment, he might be off to speak to the kitchen or check with the hostess at the front door.

Brian does almost as much, talking with staff, adjusting a table, or just beaming with hospitality. He will be joining the Board of Directors at the Culver-Palms YMCA, bringing his community connection even closer.

As the restaurant filled with diners, the noise level ratcheted up and conversations got to lean in a bit closer. My older daughter had to share her Camp Whittle joke with Ken.

“You know when they want everyone to listen they do this thing ‘A hush fell over the crowd’ and then everyone says HUSH! Have you heard that ?”

Ken, with a bemused smile, “No, but I believe you. What next ?”

She says “We were all these Culver City kids there, so the leader would say “A Culver City restaurant fell over the crowd” and everyone said “RUSH!”

If you can become a part of YMCA culture in just four years, it’s more than great french fries; you are doing a lot of things really right. Cheers to the next four years…

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Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “Rush Street Toasts the Culver-Palms YMCA”

  1. Christine Ferreira says:

    It is so wonderful to see a downtown business that supports our community.

  2. Christy Lundy says:

    So sad that I missed it this year. Darned moving! I miss both Rush Street and City Tavern. Two Culver City treasures.

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