Lion Fountain Gets Conservation Care

Of all of Culver City’s public artworks, our Lion Fountain is among the most seen and enjoyed. Keeping the statue and waterworks in good repair is a process that takes a skilled hand. Patt Conservation cleaned off the minerals that have built up on the 8-foot-tall bronze structure in the heart of Downtown Culver City. On top of it is a wax layer that they heat, wipe, and reapply. It is meticulous work.

The conservation of Culver City’s public artworks is no small task. Patt Conservation was founded in 2018 by Elizabeth Patt and Paris Patt. The firm specializes in outdoor sculpture, public art, and object conservation. They strictly use the guidelines set forth by the American Institute for Conservation when creating treatment proposals and we strive for the highest possible standard in their work.

Photo Credit – City of Culver City 


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