Council Votes to Move Funds for Independence Day Drone Show, Add Juneteenth to City Events

At the Culver City Council meeting on April 11, 2024, the council unanimously voted to allocate funding for the remaining off-cycle events for this fiscal year. Solving the problem for now, this is not standard financial policy for the city, and monies will need to be re-allocated again later. But it does create availbility for  a budget for both the new idea of an Independence Day celebration with a drone show downtown, and the addition of a Juneteenth celebration as a city-sponsored event. 

The Exchange Club notified the city in February that it would no longer host the Fourth of July fireworks show at West LA College. That money was transferred back to the special events contingency fund. This fund will be a resource for the new events being added to the city’s calendar. 

Many cities have switched to drones to celebrate Independence Day; Salt Lake City, Lake Tahoe, and nearby Redondo Beach have all used drones to light up the night sky in honor of the Declaration of Independence. The proposal from the Downtown Business Association is still in early stages, but the idea now has the support ot move forward. 

Adding Juneteenth to the city’s calendar of events will also put Culver City in good company; Atlanta, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore and Chicago all have major civic celebrations for the holiday. 

Judith Martin-Straw

Photo courtesy North Lake Tahoe Business Association

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