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Dear Editor,

Just a brief comment, not about the content of this important article, but about a journalistic choice. [] I found the description, early in the article, of staff’s choice to redact names as “inexplicable” to be inappropriate for a straight news article. That was an editorial comment, not a fact. I agree with the sentiment, but suggest that it belongs in an editorial, not a news article. As a strictly factual statement, it is clearly false. We all know the explanation: Someone chose to avoid embarassing people who may now regret choices made in the past. So it’s not literally “inexplicable”. If you believe (as I do) that the redaction was a poor choice, then your platform for that is just a click away, in the commentary section.

Thanks for your attention, and of course this journalistic error (as I see it) is only noteworthy because it is so unusual on your site.

Thanks for your attention,
-Steve Levin

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