Culver City Offers ADU Handbook, Pre-Approved Plans to Help Homeowners Streamline the Process

The City of Culver City is pleased to announce our Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Handbook and pre-approved plans for Culver residents considering an ADU on their property. Plans are available in three different layouts and three different architectural styles.

Why is the City Promoting ADUs? Culver City wants to facilitate the construction of ADUs to help address the housing shortage in the state of California. ADUs allow property owners to create additional housing units to rent out, which can help with mortgage payments. ADUs also provide an opportunity for multi-generational housing and for older generations to age in place without having to relocate from their existing communities.

How does the Handbook help? Construction project can be daunting. Culver City has produced the ADU Handbook to walk you through the major facets of building an ADU in Culver City. Of course, members of Planning Staff are available in City Hall, by phone, or email to assist further.

What are Pre-Approved ADU Plans? Pre-approved ADU plans are intended to save homeowners the expense of having custom plans created and are intended for new construction only. An applicant will have the ability to download the plans from the City website and then submit to Building Safety Division for plan check review. Minor additions to the plans will be required on the part of the applicant to address the unique constraints of their individual site.

Questions?  Visit the Culver City’s ADU webpage to learn more.Current Planning Division: (310) 253-5710

Planners are available Monday – Thursday and Alternate Fridays, 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM. 

Watch the YouTube video farther down this page to see the pre-approved designs. 

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