‘Good Dirt’ to Offer Nerikomi Workshop

Creativity is one life’s great joys, and we are fortunate to have so many studios and workshops offering local fare; learn how to make nerikomi with Kelsey Ayala of Unit65!

In this 2.5 hr class we will start by learning how to color our clay and wedge it into plain clay to change the opacity. We will then go over techniques to make multiple patterns such as stripes, checkers, swirls, and inlay. We will spend the second half of the class making things with our clay patterns.

Examples of finished products include soap dishes, dessert plates, small bowls, and incense holders

Friday, March 8th  from 12pm to 2:30pmPrice: $125 for members – $150 non members

For more info go to /www.gooddirtla.com/

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